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Placental animals are organisms which maintain their young in the body of the mother until the end of the period of the gestation. There are several orders of organisms which are found under the placental mammals. These orders include chiroptera, artiodactyla which include even-toed ungulates, perissodactyla which include odd-toed unregulates and cetacean. Under each order there are also different animals such as skunk dogs and zebras.

In the order artiodactyla variety of characteristics are found. These characteristics include the anterior part of the skull which is usually long and narrow; horns are also present in the frontal parts which are also usually large. Giraffe, Pigs, Cows, Sheep and hippopotamus are examples of the order artiodactyla. Giraffe is thought to be the tallest animal in this order. This is because the front legs of the giraffe are longer than the back legs. Giraffe also possess the long neck. The young Giraffe are born with horns. The whole body of the Giraffe is covered with the spots.

The order cetacean include Dolphins. The organisms which belong to the order cetacean usually have the following traits, large body size, blubber, usually hairless, sensory abilities such as large brains and they are also good in swimming. Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises are some of the examples of the order cetacea. As large body size is one of the characteristics of cetacean, Dolphin has the average size which is estimated to be about 8 to 13 feet. The body of the Dolphins consists of the following part, dorsal fin, tail fluke, pectoral flipper, rostrum, eye and blowhole.

The organisms which belong to the order chiropteria usually have forelimbs which have been modified as the wings. Most organisms in this order are large even though the small organisms are also found. Examples in this order include bats. The chiroptera means handwing. Taking Bat as an example, bats use their ears to see even though they have eyes. This process of using the ears to see is known as echolocomotion. They also use this process of echolocomotion to navigate in darkness and to detect and capture food on the wing. Animals which fall in the order pholidota are said to be native to Africa and South Asia. In this order only one species has been recognized by the name of Scaly anteaters.

Animals which belong in the order canivora mostly have their body covered with fur. These animals include Dogs, Cats, Lion, Skunk, Walrus, Sea lion and Polecats. As indicated in the above sentence one example of the order carnivore is the Skunk. Skunk have white stripes which runs from the head to the tail. The stripes which are found in the Skunk firstly start with a triangle running down into its back. The tail of the Skunk consists of a mixture of the black and white fur. The head of the Skunk looks like a triangle.

In the order Perissodactyla we find organisms such as Horse, Zebra and Rhinoceros. The body of the animals which belong to the order Perissodactyla usually have their body covered with fur partially. For example, Zebras are identified by their unique stripes which provide them with a camouflage.


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